Information on Our Manufacturers

Bulk Chemical Services was established to meet a market need for flexible supply and competitively priced organic biocides, polyacrylate dispersants, wastewater treatment polymers, and toll manufacturing.

Bulk Chemical Services is a leading supplier to the Kaolin and Mineral Pigment Slurry industry, Private Label Water Treatment Chemical Formulators, Paints, Coatings, Inks & Adhesives, Coated Paper, and Building Materials.

BCS is a leading producer of polyacrylate dispersant polymers and organic, EPA-registered, FDA-cleared biocides. These products are sold directly to the users and formulators in the above industries, with LexChem Solutions facilitating trans-actions and technical support.

Shrieve Group was founded in 1978 in The Woodlands, Texas and has grown as an international supplier of organic and inorganic industrial commodity chemicals – which includes: synthetic lubricants, mineral oil, synthetic heat transfer fluids, natural gas dehydrations fluids, drilling mud base oils & lubricants, guar/guar slurry, and friction reducers.

Shrieve’s expertise in Polyalkylene Glycol Lubrication and uniue laboratory simulation equipment provides customers with accurate lubricant recommendations for a broad range of gas applications – natural gas, auto-motive air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, commercial cooling – compression parameters, and operating conditions.

LexChem is pleased to represent Shrieve’s SHR2000 Series GTL line of innovative solvents.

Tulco Oils is one of the leading distributors of high-quality lubricants in the US, providing a full range of services, products and technology.

From its corporate headquarters in Tulsa and three strategic divisional locations, Tulco Oils serves a multitude of industries.

Specializing in blended and compounded industrial lubricants, Tulco Oils literally greases the way for applications ranging from heavy industry to food grade products.

Integrity BioChem produces effective, affordable biopolymer-based products. We are committed to renewable and sustainable practices, and to developing products that increase performance and improve project economics. Integrity BioChem manufactures next-generation modified biopolymers and bio-based surfactants for the energy, mining, paints, coatings, adhesives, emulsion polymers, building materials, and specialty markets using renewable and sustainable practices.

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